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Browse our wide-range of original sculptures by artists, working in a variety of mediums suitable for both the Interior home and outdoor spaces sculptures achor a space and are available in numerous textures and colors.

If you love sculpture we encourage you to  browse the collection that includes free-standing, kinetic assemblage, wall sculptures in a variety of materials such as Bronze, Metal, Stone, Wood.

Tastefully decorate your space with unique sculptures crafted by artists. These 3-D artworks are incredibly powerful and can revamp your entire environment.

Shoe Sculpture



Contemporary and Modern abstract sculptures.

Bronze Sculpture

Stone Sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture

Clay, Terracotta sculpture.

Ceramics sculpture

Marble sculpture

Mural and Relief work.


Fiber sculpture

Metal sculpture

Wood sculpture

Resin sculpture

Portrait sculpture

Indian god and goddess sculpture

Animal sculpture

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